Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 2/5 - Riff Ninja Academy

Slow Blues Guitar Solo Challenge 2/5

It's day 2! I hope you've been practicing your scales, because today we're diving right into the riffs, and they really relate closely to those scale patterns. 

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frederick cannova Reply

great stuff…. al;so you had a lesson using f g and a with a little lead it was great…

Dave Stewart Reply

Fine lesson takes time Practice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you. Dave

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BillyRay Reply

I’m having so much fun with this. Keep them coming. I’m a lifetime member for around 5+ years to RN.

Thomas Pinkall Reply

Thank you so much again. Lovely backtrack

Lynne Reply

The location of this solo is very difficult to play on a 12 fret acoustic without a cutaway …..wish you had done this 5 day challenge in the key of A instead of E. Yes,I know how to transpose……but can’t change the backing track. Any chance that you might replay the backing track in A ??

Timothy Yslas Reply

This is a ton o’ fun, Colin. You’re a fantastic teacher. Live forever.

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